Cats are singing.

Can you believe that a cat sings? If you watch this video, you surely believe that the cat will sing. I should probably run but I want to hug them all— VIDEO CATS (@videocats) 2017年6月30日 Cats are singing, wil…

Cat's child is cute

Do you like cats? I love cats. I especially like children’s cats.— VIDEO CATS (@videocats) 2017年6月30日 very cute. Did you think that the kittens are cute? 【Recommended】 di…

Everyone needs a break. The same is true for cats.

Are you taking a break? Both people and cats need a break. Let’s take a break, too. Like this cat. 【Recommended】

It is not a stuffed doll. Watch closely

Do you like drinks? Perhaps you might like this drink. I can not drink such a drink. But if you get thirsty you may get drunk. 【Recommended】

Do you like hasty hamsters?

Hamsters are cute. However, this hamster is in a hurry. But it is cute. If you watch this movie, I want to keep a hamster. Although the rat is pardon. 【Recommended】

The duck is impatient ...

Is there a duck in your hands? If there was a duck in my hand … 荒ぶるお餅。— こだのすけ@コールダックライフ (@calldackdaga) 2017年6月7日 It’s cute, but it looks sorry. 【Recommended】